Step eight: review additional admissions settings

The settings in Admissions > Settings > Other Settings are not essential to your use of Admissions, but they can help it to better fit your school's needs.

Online application custom CSS

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a programming language that lets you change the look and feel of a website. This field controls the look and feel of your initial Populi application form page(s). If you wish, you can enter your own CSS here to better integrate an embedded Populi application in your school's website. We recommend that an experienced programmer compose the CSS in another editor and copy-paste it into this field. Improperly-composed CSS can render your application unusable, so take special care with this field!

Send application fee payment notification emails to:

Enter the email address(es) for anyone who should be notified when an applicant pays an application fee online. Separate multiple addresses with commas.

Automatically mark leads inactive

When you accept an applicant and he enrolls in a course in the term shown in his lead info, Populi will automatically set his lead info to inactive. If you wish to change how this works, select either the ...any term option or the Do not... option.

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