Video Tutorial: Common Tasks in Bookstore

Now that you've got your bookstore set up, you can start accepting orders online or via the point of sale. Here are some of the most common workflows. If you run into questions, send us a support request.

Using the Point of Sale

The Point of Sale allows you to process orders at a physical bookstore location. Patrons can grab books off your shelves, bring them up to you, you can scan them, swipe their credit card, and check them out in a matter of minutes.



Processing Orders

Point of Sale purchases are automatically marked "Fulfilled" since the merchandise is leaving the store at the time of purchase. Online orders, however, need to be processed. Collect the items, ship them (or not if they are going to be picked up at the bookstore), and mark them fulfilled.



Refunding a Purchase

There are different workflows for refunding an entire purchase, or a single item from a larger purchase. Read about the various options in this article.


Using the Term Book List

Often times, the main thing students need at the bookstore are the books for their courses that term. Populi makes it easy for bookstore admins to see which books faculty members are requiring during the term and how many students are likely to need those books.

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