Room and Meal Plans

Room and meal plans let you add boarding plans and charges to student accounts. Boarding charges are eligible for financial aid.

Adding new plans

Follow the steps below to set up either a room plan or a meal plan.

  1. Go to either the Room Plan or Meal Plan setup tab.
  2. Click Add Plan.
  3. Give the plan a name.
  4. Select an income account for this plan.
  5. Enter the amount this plan will cost for an academic term. You can change this amount for any student at the time you add the plan/charge to her account.
  6. Click Save.

Now that you've created the plan, here's what you can do with it:

  • You can link room plans to student housing in Campus Life > Settings.
  • You can add boarding plans to student accounts on both Profile > Financial > By Term and Profile > Campus Life.
  • When you add a student to a room, she'll automatically get the associated room plan added to her account together with the appropriate pending charge.
  • When you add a meal plan to a student, it automatically generates a pending charge on her account.
  • Room and meal plan charges are then invoiced.
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