Student Profiles: Financial > By Term

Profile > Financial > By Term shows all financial information connected to a student in a given term—including charges, enrollment history, tuition schedule, refund policy, payment plan, and more.

The Profile > Financial view also includes sections for an overall view of the student's financial info, financial aid applications and awards, and donations.


  • Invoice Pending: If there are pending charges shown here, you can invoice them. Read about invoicing charges here.
  • Print Statement: This exports the information shown on the By Term screen either as a PDF or on your own custom term statement layout.

Financial Aid

If the student has any financial aid awards connected to this term, they'll be listed here. You can show or hide disbursement detail for each award.


Here you'll find an itemized list of each individual charge (or credit) connected to this term—both pending and invoiced.

Adding a charge

You can manually add any type of charge or credit to a student's account. Start by clicking add next to charges.

  1. Select the type.
  2. Select a particular item. Some items ask you for additional selections (like tuition).
  3. Enter or edit the (optional) description. The description will appear on the invoice.
  4. Enter or edit the amount. If you wish to issue a credit, simply enter a negative amount (e.g. "-45").
  5. Click save to add the charge.

The charge is now pending. Click to edit or delete the charge. You can only edit the charge while it's still pending; once you invoice it, you can't make any changes!

If changes have been made elsewhere in Populi that may affect the student's charges, click recalculate to update the charges to the most current amounts.

You can also add charges using the Data Slicer.

Applied Payments/Applied Credits

Applied payments and credits have been applied towards invoices connected to this term. These two panels link to the associated payment, credit, and invoice detail pages.

Enrollment History

The enrollment history lists all of the student's enrollment activity for this term—including enrollments, audits, deleted courses (courses for which he was registered but was later removed). Enrollment history lets you understand why automated tuition and fee charges were triggered.


Amount Due: The amount of the student's invoiced charges minus any applied payments. This amount includes any supplemental charges generated by payment plans.

Charges/Credits: The student's total charges and credits, both pending and invoiced.

Financial Aid: The student's total financial aid, both pending and disbursed.

Applied Payments: The total amount of payments applied to the term's charges, whether customer payments or aid payments.

  • Customer payments include payments made by third parties, parents, etc. on behalf of the student.
  • If a payment or award was made in this term but applied in another, it will not be included here.
  • Likewise, if a payment or award was made in another term but applied in this one, it will be included here.

Payment Plans

Payment plans on the By Term view can capture any plan-eligible invoices from this specific term. Read more about adding and using payment plans.


The tuition schedule(s) shown here determine how the student is charged for course enrollments (not audits!). Typically, this is inherited from the default tuition schedule on the financial dashboard; you can also add them using the Data Slicer. Or, you can add or change the schedule right here...

  1. Click add.
  2. Select the schedule.
  3. Select the bracket. Automatic applies the appropriate bracket according to the student's enrollment. Specific credit brackets apply that bracket regardless of the student's actual enrollment.
  4. Click Save.

Enrollment Agreements

If you're using one of the per term options for enrollment agreements, you'll find the agreement record here.

  • If using one of the not required options, then you can upload an agreement generated elsewhere. You can mark whether or not it has been signed.
  • If using one of the required options, Populi will generate the agreement when the student registers for courses on Profile > Registration.
  • Click the date/time to see the agreement.
  • Delete an agreement by clicking .

Refund Policy

Refund Policies determine what portion of refundable tuition and fees will be returned to the student if he withdraws. They are usually inherited from the student's tuition schedule, but can also be added or changed here.

  1. Click Set a refund policy.
  2. Select a refund policy from the drop-down and Save.

Meal Plan

Meal Plans are also manually added. They can also be added by a Campus Life user. Though they can be edited or deleted on the Campus Life view, they can only be invoiced here on the By Term view.

  1. Click Add a meal plan.
  2. Select the plan and Save.

Once you save, the meal plan will display along with the charged amount both here and in Charges (oh, and Campus Life, too).

Room Plan

You have a few more options to consider with Room Plans. These, too, can be added by a Campus Life user; they can only be invoiced here on the By Term view.

  1. Click Add a room plan.
  2. Select the room plan you wish to apply.
  3. Select the building in which you wish to place the student.
  4. Select the room; your options only include rooms which are connected to the room plan you selected in step 2.
  5. If a student wants to take up more than one slot, you can indicate that by changing the capacity used. For example, a student may want a 2-person room all to himself—in that case, enter 2 next to capacity used. The total capacity used cannot exceed the available capacity.
  6. When you're done, click Save.

Once you save, the room plan will display along with the charged amount both here and in Charges(not to mention on Campus Life).

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