How do I issue a credit?

A credit is basically a "negative" charge. It reduces the student's overall balance and can be applied to invoices just like a payment. Here's how to add a credit and what you can do with one...

First, a word about a financial setting

In Financial > Settings, you can control how you use credits:


Determine your preference, and make sure to Save your settings after making your choice.

There are two ways to generate a credit

A) Credits are automatically generated by a tuition schedule's refund policy. Say a student drops a class in time to qualify for a 10% refund. Populi automatically generates a pending credit equal to 10% of his tuition and any refundable fees. 

B) You can manually add the credit yourself...

1. Go to the student's profile

You can add a credit either on the Dashboard or By Term tab. 

2. Add a charge

Remember, a credit is a negative charge. So, proceed as if you were adding any other charge. On the Dashboard, click Add a fee; on By Term, click add next to Charges.

3. Give the charge a negative amount

Select the other charge details as normal. But in the amount field, enter a negative number. Just use a dash in front of the number.


4. Invoice the credit

Just like with a regular charge, you need to put the credit on an invoice to have it hit the student's account. You have two options with invoicing credits:

A) Include the credit on an invoice with other charges. This reduces the overall amount of that invoice. 


B) Invoice the credit all by itself (or with other credits). This lets you apply the credit to another invoice, or even refund the amount to the student if their overall balance is a credit balance.


Now you can apply the credit (or refund it)

If you went with B, the credit becomes an unapplied credit and lists under Unapplied Payments/Credits on the student's financial Dashboard. 

Depending on your settings, there are two ways to apply it

A) If you checked No on the setting, all you need to do to apply your credit is issue another invoice to the student. Populi will automatically apply the credit amount towards that invoice, reducing the student's amount due.

B) If you checked Yes, the credit remains listed under Unapplied Payments/Credits on the student's financial Dashboard. To apply it to an invoice, click Apply. Pick an invoice to which to apply the credit and Save.


If you issue a credit and the student's overall balance consequently becomes a credit balance, you can refund it

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