How do I invoice charges?

Here's how charges work in Populi (the quick version... click here for the longer version):

  1. The charge is manually-added or triggered by an event—a student triggers a tuition charge by enrolling in a course, or a fee is triggered based on a fee rule (among other things). These charges are listed in the Billing > Pending Charges report.
  2. After you review them, you invoice the charges. There are two places where you can invoice charges:
    • The Profile > Financial view—on either Dashboard or By Term—where you can invoice charges for individual students.
    • Billing > Pending Charges report, where you can invoice students en masse.
  3. Some charges—application fees, library fines, etc.—don't go through this process.
  4. Now that they've been invoiced, the charges can be paid.

Profile > Financial (invoicing individual students)

To invoice charges for a particular student, go to their profile and click the Financial view. If the charges are connected to a term, go to By Term; otherwise, you'll probably find them on Dashboard. Either way, the process works the same:

  1. Click Invoice Pending.
  2. The due date and posted date default to today. Change them if necessary.
  3. Check off the charges you wish to include in the invoice.
  4. Click Save to create the invoice.
  5. The new invoice will list under Dashboard > Unpaid Invoices or By Term > Charges.

Billing > Pending Charges (invoicing multiple students at once)

To invoice charges for multiple students, go to Billing > Current > Pending Charges. This report picks up charges connected to particular terms as well as term-agnostic charges (the kind you'd find on the Profile > Financial > Dashboard).

  1. There's a good chance that you'll first want to filter the report to show particular kinds of charges.
  2. When you have the charges you'd like to invoice shown on the report, click Invoice.
  3. If necessary, change the due date and posted date.
  4. Click Invoice... to create the invoices. The charges for each student will be included on one invoice for each student. You can see these invoices on the student's profile and in the Unpaid Invoices report.

Invoice mistakes

Now that you've invoiced these charges, they're part of your students' permanent record—and your school's. If you make a mistake with an invoice, there are a few ways to correct them. There is no way to delete an invoice—when it comes to money, Populi is very diligent about preserving your audit trail!

Should the charges never have been invoiced? Void the transaction:

  1. Go to the invoice's page.
  2. Under Details, click the transaction #.
  3. On the transaction's page, click Void and confirm.
  4. The invoice has been backed out of your accounting; if you need to re-issue any of these charges, you'll need to start from square one.

Did you charge the student too much (and did he subsequently pay too much)? You can issue either a credit or a refund.

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