Step nine: set up your students' financial info

There are a variety of ways to manage student financial information. Here's an overview of where you'll perform many common tasks:


The Profile > Financial > Dashboard shows an overview of the student's financial information—including invoices, payments, transactions, deposits, and tax forms. Because it combines "term agnostic" info with term-specific info, it presents a fairly complete picture of the student's financial activity. Key workflows here include:

By Term

Profile > Financial > By Term shows all financial information connected to a student in a given term—including charges, enrollment history, tuition schedule, refund policy, payment plan, and more. Key workflows here include:

Financial Aid

Profile > Financial > Financial Aid shows the student's aid application and aid awards. Make sure you've walked through Financial Aid setup before you do anything here!


Profile > Financial > History collects all of a student's transactions, starting with the most recent at the top.

  • Use the filter to see transactions of a particular type.
  • Click the transaction # link to see the transaction page.
  • Click the reference link to see the associated invoice or payment detail.

Next: Create custom financial fields.

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