Step six: set up your payment plans

Payment plans allow students to pay their invoices in installments. You can set them up in any number of ways—whether to account for financial aid, which kinds of charges to include/exclude... among many others—and can accommodate a variety of payment schedules. Here's how they work:

  1. You create a plan in Financial > Settings > Payment Plans.
  2. You add the plan to individual students on Profile > Financial (either Dashboard or By Term). (If you've enabled the Online setting, students can also pick a plan when they set up a recurring payment.) You can also put individual invoices on a plan.
  3. The plan creates a payment schedule for the student's invoices included in the plan. You can recalculate the scheduled payments or change the payment schedule at any time.
  4. You can keep track of your students' payment plan activity on Billing > Current > Payment Deadlines.

Whether or not we imported data for you, you'll need to set up Payment Plans from scratch when you begin setup. Start by going to Billing > Settings > Payment Plans and clicking Add Payment Plan. Read more about setting up payment plans in this article.

Next: set up check templates (optional), set up online payments (also optional); or you can skip those and jump right into setting up financial info for your students...

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