Library patrons are people to whom you can check out resources. On their own, they are able to search for resources, place holds, and leave reviews and recommendations.

  • Staff, faculty, and students automatically have patron privileges in your library.
  • If you wish to extend patron privileges to someone in your system who is not staff, faculty, or a student (such as an alum), you can give her the Library Patron role.
  • If someone is not already in your system, you can also create a new patron. Click Add a new patron; the form works just like adding a new person(except for user roles and tags).
  • Any online visitor can browse your library catalog by going to

Library > Patrons

The Patrons report includes all staff, faculty, students, and patrons in your library.

  • Search for individual patrons by typing a name in the search field.
  • Use the drop-down to show patrons with resources, overdue resources, or unpaid fines.
  • Use the links to email, text, or export a spreadsheet of the patrons returned by your filter.

Patron profiles

Every patron has a profile that shows their library-related activity.

  • You can export a PDF of the patron's library card.
  • View the patron's reviews and recommendations under the Reviews tab.
  • Loans shows you anything the patron has ever checked out—use the filter to see what's on loan, what's been returned, and what has unpaid fines.
  • Holds only lists current holds. If need be, you can click the link to cancel the hold.

Paying fines

If a patron has fines, you can waive them, record the payment, or use some combination of the two.

  1. To waive a fine, click the Waive... link next to the overdue/lost resource under Loans.
  2. To collect a fine, click Record a payment under Summary.
  3. Enter the amount the patron is paying. If the patron has $4.25 in fines and pays with a $10 bill, enter 10 to calculate the change due.
  4. Where are you collecting this money? Select from your Libraries.

Finally, click Save.

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