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Library Patrons can search for resources, place holds, and leave reviews and recommendations. See this article for a full description of their access to Library.

All of your Staff, Faculty, and Students are automatically able to exercise Patron privileges in Populi Library. If you wish to extend these privileges to others already in your system (like Alumni), you can simply add the Library Patron role to them. If someone is not in Populi and wishes only to be a Library Patron, see the instructions below on Adding a New Patron.

Anyone can browse your library catalog by going to

The Patrons Tab

The Patrons tab starts at an alphabetical list of your Library's Patrons.

You can Search for individual Patrons by typing a name in the search field, or filter the list to show results from All Patrons or only those with Resources Checked Out, Overdue Resources, or Unpaid Fines.

Email Patrons lets you Email the group of Patrons you have onscreen; likewise, Export Patrons creates a spreadsheet of the Patrons shown. Both actions are filter-sensitive.

Adding New Patrons

You can also Add a new Patron. Adding a new Patron works exactly like Adding a New Person. Keep in mind that anyone in Populi can be a Library Patron—you should reserve this only for people who aren't faculty, staff, or students at your school.

All Patrons get their own, unique Library Profile.

Library Profiles

Every Patron gets a Library Profile that shows their Library-related activity in two tabs: Circulation and Reviews. You can get to Click the Patron's name to see their regular Populi Profile.


Under Loans, use the drop-down to filter the list to show the Resources the Patron has checked out and see those that are On Loan, Returned, or have Unpaid Fines.

You can Export a library card at any time by clicking the link. This creates a PDF of a unique photo-ID card with a barcode. Use this only for Patrons not connected with your school; Students, Faculty, and Staff can use their regular ID cards as a library card.

The Summary gives you the stats: how many resources are checked out, how many (if any) are overdue, and a running total of any fines the Patron owes.

You can probably guess what you'll see under Contact Info. If you need to change anything here, have a Staff member update the person's regular Populi Profile; and your Library Profile will update automatically.

Notes are for use by Library staff.

All of the Patron's Resource Holds list here; if you need to cancel a hold, click the link to do so.

Paying Fines

If a Patron wishes to pay off his fines, click Record a payment under Summary.

Enter the Amount Paid. If the Patron has $3 in fines and wants to pay with a $20, enter "20"; the Change Due amount automatically calculates.

Where are you collecting this money? Select from your Libraries.

Finally, click Save.


Reviews simply collects all of your Resource Reviews and Recommendations.

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