Library Links

Links take you from Populi Library to an external website. They are accessible to all your logged-in Patrons.

Links are organized into Lists, which are groups of (presumably) related Links. For example, you might create a List of Links to the libraries of other local colleges and universities, or another List of Links to online academic journals on the same subject.

Adding Lists and Links

Before adding a link, you need to create a list to hold it.

  1. Click Create a list.
  2. Give the list a title and an optional description.
  3. Click Save to finish.

Now you can start adding links to the list:

  1. Click next to the list and select Add a link.
  2. Enter a title, URL, and description (only a URL is required).

Editing, Deleting, etc.

Here's how to modify your lists and links:

  • Click next to a list or link to edit or delete it. Keep in mind that deleting a list also deletes all of its links!
  • You can Reorder your lists and links, too. Click the appropriate action, make your switcheroos, and then click Done reordering when you're finished.
  • Reordering links lets you move links within a List or move them from one list to another.
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