Setting up your library [videos]

Populi Library gives you a searchable online catalog (available to everyone), circulation management tools, loan policies, and a lot more. The following tutorials will help you get your Library set up. Have questions? Submit a support request.

Introductory Reading: Library Articles

Library Fine Fee

To set this up, you'll need help from a Financial Admin user.

Adding & Editing Your Libraries

Add new Libraries, or change existing ones.

Adding New Resources

You can add new Resources into your Library just by entering an ISBN, EAN, ISSN, ASIN, OLID, UPC, LCCN, OCLC. If you don't have one of the accepted codes for a Resource, you can add it manually.

Editing Resources

It's easy to edit and add Resource information.

Adding Subjects

You can add new subjects and assign them to Resources.

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