How to add lessons to your course

Lessons are collections of course materials—content, assignments, discussions, links, and files—that cover a particular section of your course curriculum.

  • You create them and access them on the course Lessons view. There you'll find a list of all the course's lessons (together with any recent discussion activity related to the lessons).
  • You can make lessons available on a specific date or the course start date.
  • Course materials like assignments and files can be required—to finish the lesson, the student must submit something, participate in the discussion, etc.
  • Lessons can be "gated": a student must finish a lesson in order to access the next one.
  • As students complete lessons, you can check their progress on the Lessons > Student Progress report.

How to create a new lesson

Here's how to add a new lesson to your course. (You can also add lessons by cloning them from another course.)

  1. Click Add a Lesson.
  2. Give the lesson a name.
  3. Select how you wish to make the lesson available to your students:
  • Select whether to make it available on the course start date or on a specific date in the term.
  • Check to require students to complete the previous lesson before accessing this one. (Read more about gated lessons in this article.
  • Click Save.

    After creating a lesson, you can start designing it.

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    • 2
      Scott Butler

      Is there still a way to change the lesson title once one has been assigned?

    • -1
      Scott Butler

      Just found it DESIGN > SETTINGS > NAME

    • -1
      Amaryah LaBeff

      When I try to upload a .zip as a 'tin can' I get an error that says:

      "That doesn't look like a valid Tin Can file... couldn't find tincan.xml"

      ... help! I've tried several different .zip files with no luck!

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