Dashboard, Calendar, and Reporting


The Dashboard keeps you appraised of course activity through the Schedule, a list of your active Discussions, and announcements via the Bulletin Board. You can also email your students from here.

Click the links to email your students in this section or—for courses with multiple sections—to email the students in all sections.


Alerts informs you about updates to assignments, new discussions, and ungraded test questions.


Schedule pulls upcoming events from the course Calendar (see below).

My Discussions

My Discussions shows you if any of your discussions have been updated. Look for a green icon for discussions with new activity. To get a discussion into this list, you have to have participated in it at some point.

Bulletin Board

The bulletin board is a forum where you and your students can read and post messages related to the class. 

  • Type or copy-paste text into the bulletin field and then Post it.
  • You can use text formatting in the Bulletin Board.
  • You can also embed videos hosted on YouTube or Vimeo by copying and pasting the video's URL (NOT the embed code!) right in the body of the text. Populi will do the rest.
  • Reply to a post by clicking Comment.
  • You can delete trersh.png any post or comment in the Bulletin Board at any time.
  • If you wish, you can disable student bulletin board posts; doing so reserves the bulletin board for messages from you, any teaching assistants for the course, and the registrar.


The course Calendar shows every event occurring in the course—meeting times, assignment due dates, test availability, lesson start dates, and any additional events you've added.

Use the forward/backward arrows to navigate between months. Click Today to jump right to the current month.

Print the calendar to create a PDF of the month you're looking at.

Click a meeting time or an event name to edit the details (or delete it). If you want to change the details for an assignment, lesson, or test, do so in their respective tabs.

Adding an event

To add an additional event to your course calendar, start by clicking Add Event

Type a brief Summary and fill in the date and time settings.

Click More if you want to add a description, set up a repeat event, establish an email alarm, schedule a location or resources, or invite specific attendees from outside the class.

Save when you're done.

The event will appear in the Calendar, on the Dashboard when the day draws near, and in the respective calendars of your students and any attendees.


Performance Dashboard

The Performance Dashboard compiles the course's graded assignments into graphs and charts. Then you can filter the dashboard to get perspectives on your course from the perspective of both Students and Assignments.

Select individual Students and/or Assignments/Groups and click Apply to update the dashboard; click Reset to restore the default view.

Time Tracking

Time Tracking lets you see how much time your students have spent in your course while logged in to Populi.

Filter to show individual students, dates or date ranges, and the number of minutes spent in your course. Export XLS creates a spreadsheet of the time tracking table.


Once the course evaluation results are made available to you (if at all), you can see an aggregate report of the responses given by students on the course evaluation.

You will not see any results here if:

  • The evaluation is set to "not available to faculty"
  • Fewer than 60% of students have submitted responses
  • No one has submitted responses yet
  • And, of course, if no evaluation has been attached to your course!

Change Log

The Change Log shows every change made to your course, from mundane to major. Enter different Start and End Dates and click Apply to filter the log down. Click Reset to restore it to the default view—events for the past month.

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