What do my students see?

Your students can see the course Dashboard, Info, Assignments, Lessons, Discussions, Tests, and Chat tabs.

They have enough interactive ability to upload assignments, go through lessons, engage in discussions and chats, take tests, download course files, and so on.

To get more of an idea of what your students can see, check out the Student Forum in the Knowledge Base.

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    Brian Carroll

    How does a student upload their work?

  • 9
    Richard Bishop

    Populi should have a "student view" function for instructors. Other learning platforms have this. It's useful for instructors to be able to see exactly what their students see.

  • 5
    Dr. C. Beck

    Yes, it would be great if a "Student View" was available!


  • 2
    Greg Hall

    Student view is essential. 

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