Where do I finalize my course? And can I unfinalize it?

When you finalize your course, you submit course grades and comments to the Registar and commit them to students' permanent academic records. Additionally, you lock the course down so that further changes can't be made to it.

You can finalize your course...

  • By clicking the Action gear on either the Info or Gradebook tab and selecting Finalize Course
  • By clicking Finalize Course on the Final Grade/Attendance page (accessible through the Gradebook)

After the course is finalized, you can still do two things:

  • You can export the course Gradebook
  • You can enter assignment and final grades for Incomplete students on the course Roster


Can you unfinalize your own courses? No.

For the most part, unfinalizing a course is (and should be) very rare and/or unnecessary. But in cases where it is deemed necessary, contact a Registrar or Academic Admin; users with those roles can unfinalize courses.

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