How do I create a test with open-ended availability?

When setting up a test, you have four options for setting when it's available for students to take...

  • Available from: Lets you enter regular start and end dates
  • Available after: Lets you enter a start date; the test is then available until the end date of the course
  • Available until: Lets you enter an end date; the test is then available starting at either A) the course's start date or B) the time you set up the availability, until the date you entered
  • Always available: The test is available the entire time the course is in session (according to its start and end dates)

You can also set a due date for the test that's different from the end of the availability period you set up. For example:

  • You set up a due date of April 5, 5:00 PM for the test and make the test available until April 8, 5:00PM.
  • Students who start the test after the due date/time will be shown as being Past due time in the test's History view.
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