Populi tracks three levels of resources: Global Resources, which can be moved all over or off campus (vehicles, tools, etc); Building Resources, which can be moved between rooms in a building (projectors, laptops, etc.); and Room Resources, which cannot be moved outside of a room (a mounted TV, built-in projector, etc.).

After setting up Resource Types, you can then create Global Resources and add Resources to individual Campuses, Buildings, and Rooms. Global Resources are available for scheduling in Populi's Calendar (but not in Google Calendar at this time).

Global Resources

Global Resources are available for scheduling throughout your school.

Click Add Global Resource.

Type the resource Name and select the Type from the drop-down.

Click Save to finish.

Click the resource name to edit it.

Click trash.png to remove a global resource. Once you delete a global resource, it cannot be restored.

Resource Types

Resource Types describe the kinds of resources your school makes available for scheduling. "Projectors" would be a resource type, while "Mitsubishi XD221U Education Projector" would be a resource.

Click Add Resource Type.

Type the  Name and click Save to finish.

Click trash.png to delete a resource type.

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    David Stauffer

    Will resources be available for scheduling in the Google calendar soon, or should we just create items in Google, instead of in Populi for the purposes of scheduling them?

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