May 18, 2009 Release

Released on May 18, 2009

Numerous bugfixes and tweaks in this minor release:

Fixed some problems with IPEDS graduation rate calculations
Fixed an overactive security feature on the timeline view in Email contacts
Fixed an error where date/time selectors in custom info fields defaulted to today’s date even if they weren’t filled out, and another, similar date/time default bug
Fixed a bug where application components were displaying the global component description as opposed to the person’s entry in the component
Fixed a bug where the country selector in Add New Person saved as “USA” despite the user’s selection of a different country
Added new fee rules that permit automatic charges for auditing students by graduate and undergraduate level
Fixed a problem in Email where words in the message body were intermittently conjoined
Fixed a spacing issue on invoices that were printed to PDF
Fixed a minor issue that could have held up printing grade reports from the Academic Term Course Table
Fixed a display issue with incorrect month abbreviations
Fixed a bug where Academic Admin users couldn’t delete files uploaded by other users
Fixed an issue where Room Plans were pulling and displaying deleted rooms
Fixed an issue to simplify adding contacts to empty contact groups
Numerous security upgrades, bugfixes, and usability improvement

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