February 26, 2009 Release


Students can now have graduate and undergraduate level GPA's

Students table now shows graduate and undergraduate records as separate

Settings added for default full-time credit and dean's list requirements for graduate and undergraduate levels

Dean's list GPA requirement is now tied to each term so it can change through time

Group adding permissions have been updated and improved

New Login portal

Custom themes

Drafts folder is now visible all the time

Interface for online applications upgraded

Advisors no longer required to be faculty

Improved linkage between prospectives and applicants

Added high school graduation to application

Calender import improved

Added warnings when enrolling a student where prerequisites are not met or a scheduling conflict is present

Added a system to aid in preventing the creation of duplicate contacts

Added a system to prevent system contacts from being created as duplicate private contacts

Upgrades to relationships between campuses, buildings, and courses

Added graduate/undergraduate option to courses

Added a system to prevent adding duplicate info to exiting contacts when attaching online applications to them

Improved Email interface - particularly for Internet Explorer 7

Refined the Students table

Full time requirement can now handle partial credits

ID Photo cropper has been upgraded

Prefix field has been changed to an input to allow for more customization

Form keyboard navigation greatly improved

Added filter to Staff page

Rooms names no longer have to be unique

Added pagination to Alumni page

Course schedules now affect students' free/busy times

Deleted contacts now no longer show after 30 days

Upgraded how attempted credits are counted in term statistics to be be more standard - count Withdrawn in attempted

Upgraded how courses and course instances are handled in Search


Fixed an issue where setting a student as inactive always gave them a W for withdrawn on their transcript for future terms and before add/drop date in current term

Fixed an issue where search was returning deleted course instances

Fixed an issue that caused the Data Slicer to break in Internet Explorer 7

Fixed an issue where failing one prerequisite while still active in an equivalent prerequisite would still un-enroll a student

Fixed an issue where files could not be added to custom folders

Fixed an issue with auto-enrolling students on waiting lists where security was too tight

Fixed an issue where faculty couldn't see grade books from past course instances

Fixed several issues with email attachments

Fixed an issue in online registration where courses removed from My Courses wouldn't show back up in Available Courses

Fixed an issue where students on a waiting list for a course would not be automatically un-enrolled when they should be

Fixed an issue where changing a students status in a course would not automatically un-enroll them when it should

Fixed an issue where someone requesting be to exempt from email mailings would get an false error

Fixed an issue where students would still show on the waiting list if they were enrolled after the add/drop date

Fixed issues with handling and sorting dates in the Data Slicer

Fixed an issue with importing online applications regarding attaching an application to existing users

Fixed an issue with handling inactive retired degrees on degree audit

Fixed an issue with Data Slicer showing deleted degrees

Fixed a display problem in Windows Firefox 3 on the Individuals box of Quicklist (mailing list)

Fixed an issue with showing deleted rooms

Fixed an issue with export options displaying on finalized course instances

Fixed an issue with Email checking attachment file size

Fixed an issue with the state selector on Add Person

Fixed an issue with Data Slicer aggregate display

Fixed an issue where the highest grade in a grade scale could falsely return as P under certain conditions

Fixed an issue where creating a new email signature would start with the content of the previously selected signature

Fixed an issue where the course instance term selector would show when it only had one option which caused a glitch in Windows Chrome 1

Fixed an issue where when deleting a course instance the change would not be immediately apparent

Fixed an issue where when adding a course to the catalog the change would not be immediately apparent

Fixed an issue that resulted in erroneous scheduling conflicts

Fixed an issue that caused assignment due dates to show incorrectly on students' calendars

Fixed an issue with delete resources that were attached to an event

Fixed an issue with the url for the links in event invitation emails

Fixed a display issue with the term hot-links in Admissions that applied to all browsers save Internet Explorer 7

Fixed an issue where you could add multiple course instances by repeatedly clicking the Add Course Instance button

Fixed an issue with handling of resident and transfer credits in Degree Audit

Fixed an issue with shared Calendar read/write access

Fixed an issue with editing event times and then clicking More to go to the detail view where the date would move forward a day under certain conditions

Fixed an issue with exporting the Students table to XLS where GPAs and credits were integers instead of decimals with two places

Fixed an issue with contact info not display correctly in XLS exports for merged spouses

Fixed an issue where inactive degrees would show on transcripts

Fixed an issue where terms with no attempted credits showed on transcript summary if the student was in a non-credit course

Fixed an issue with auto un-enrollement when the add/drop date has passed

Fixed an issue that prevented enrollment periods from being submitted in Internet Explorer 7

Fixed an issue that prevented editing of added relationship types

Fixed an issue where deleted course instances could be chosen from the course instance term selector

Fixed an issue where Add Calendar search was returning deleted buildings' calendars

Fixed an issue where groups names were displayed incorrectly in Shared Files visibility

Fixed an issue with the Applications table filter

Various other security/stability/interface enhancements

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