January 17, 2009 Release

New Features

Online applications

Campuses added to facilities

Student grade progress viewing option

Add person duplicate checking

Term booklist


Table sort browser compatibility

User set password

Handling of deleted people

Course waiting list handling/calculations

Course permissions for students

Academic terms date-picker

Term courses without students show up now

Withdrawn students no longer on attendance calendar

ISBN handling


Email improvements (HTML email, templating, and more!)

Retention calculation improvements

Event add/edit now has Calendar option

Data slicer improvements

Student course status change date tracking

Registration process enhancements

Adding terms more flexible

Email draft handling improvements

Student grade report access

Unofficial transcript handling

Exporting organizations via tags

Custom fields added to data slicer

Send emails from data slicer results

Add tags to data slicer results

Mailing list organization handling

Deleted organizations page added

Transfer credits accurately reflected in degree audit

Numerous Interface, Security, and Stability fixes and enhancements

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