June 22, 2009 Release

Fixed an issue with adding people with an apostrophe in their name

Fixed an issue with adding prospective sources

Fixed an issue with exporting certain mailing lists

Fixed an issue where pass/fail courses grades did not update when the pass/fail threshold was modified

Fixed an issue with the edit course dialog in IE7 where it would treat "enrolled" as "auditor"

Fixed an issue where events could show "unknown" location erroneously

Fixed some issues with the Unpaid Invoices filter 

Fixed an issue with how some application components dialog windows would display in IE7

Fixed a display bug with the Change Log filter

Fixed an issue with editing application components that have apostrophes in their name

Ceremony Date is no longer required when granting a degree

Fixed an issue that prevented Organization types from exporting

Fixed an issue with exporting certain tags

Fixed an issue where an error message could display erroneously when adding attendees to an event

Increased default size of textareas 

Fixed an issue where you couldn't filter on negative amounts in the Financial section

Fixed an issue with filtering by Overdue Disbursements by disbursement date

Fixed an issue with flipping from multiple name inputs to one


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