June 30, 2009 Release

Fixed an issue with submitting Application Components that contain radio buttons

Fixed an issue with applying financial aid to fees

Fixed an issue with certain tags being used in Mailing Lists

Loading an email template no longer clears the "To" field

Removed "cruise control for awesome" from welcome email subject line

Removed unnecessary groups from email template permissions

Fixed an issue grades displaying incorrectly on student profile pages

Fixed an issue with saving multiple assignment group weights

Improved handling of ISBNs that refer to multiple editions

Fixed an issue with exporting Overdue Disbursements 

Fixed and issue with URL validation not allowing backslashes 

Fixed some issues with tuition bracketing

Optimized student schedule export

Revised the Charges Summary pie chart

Fixed an issue with the Gradebook updating in IE

Improved Course Syncing

Fixed an issue where the Book List did not work properly without enrolled students

A few other stability enhancements 

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