July 14, 2009 Release

Fixed an issue with deleted degree requirements

Fixed an issue with editing terms

Fixed an issue with exporting mailing lists

Letters are now allowed in ZIP fields 

Fixed an issue with adding decimal places to numeric grades in the grade book

Improved date validation in new date selectors when the mini calendar selector is available

Fixed an issue where quick list mailing lists wouldn't be editable after an export

Fixed an issue where numbers in the XLS export of academic analytics were being needlessly rounded

Fixed an issue with setting tuition brackets in Internet Explorer

Fixed a display issue with the email template error confirmation window

New add birthdate selector no longer defaults to December 31, 1969

Unsaved changes warning added to new profile address edit

Improved unpaid invoices sorting

Improved display of events that begin very late in the evening

Fixed an issue with duplicate assignment name validation

Improved display of received payments

Fixed an issue with refunding Pell grants in Internet Explorer

Standing auto-tags are now removed if a student account is marked inactive 

Fixed a display issue with the alumni page when there are no alumni 

Fixed an issue with the new date filter on change logs

Added unknown gender option

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