August 4, 2009 Release


Work and browse in multiple tabs

To-do’s: available on each user’s Home page; assign them to yourself or others

Timeline view in Admissions

Link individual prospects to particular Admissions “counselors”

Filter by Grad/Undergrad applications table

Interface improvements and upgrades to Academic Term/Online Enrollment

Improved transcript formatting

Dean’s List Eligibility settings by term

Alumni can export and access old grade report

Improvements to automatic tuition brackets—now handles decimal places in credit

Improved handling of custom info fields in XLS export

Improvements to tabbing through Add New Person, especially in adding Groups and Tag

Better accommodation of foreign addresses in Add New Person

Patches, Bugfixes, Et. Al.

Fixed an issue where non-standard terms would not display on a student’s profile or Home page

Removed null/not-yet-awarded assignment grades from Performance Dashboard

Fixed a minor issue with custom non-optional “select” field

Fixed an issue where incomplete courses displayed a grade in the Enrollment view

Enabled Prospective filters to catch prospects with “none” entered for most Prospective info field

Fixed an issue where course re-takes were not applying in the Degree Audit if the particular course was in multiple course group

Fixed various issues with the “All Day” option in Calendar event

Fixed an issue where Prospectives table was missing certain prospect

Fixed an issue where negative financial credits were being counted as financial aid overpayment

Fixed an issue in quicklists and mailing lists where excluded tags, groups, and organizations excluded people who were otherwise included in the list

Numerous minor bugfixes, patches, and usability improvements

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