September 10, 2009 Release

Online course management features! Online testing integrated with gradebook, online lessons, and forums

Forum participation included in Performance Dashboard

Enhanced course cloning: Now from course instance page, with options to clone different content elements (tests, reading list, etc.) from different terms

Updated login screen

GPA's now (optionally) split out between degree...

...and so By-degree transcripts are now available (with new rows for cumulative and transfer credits)

And a major, behind-the-scenes Speed Increase and Optimization

Minor Upgrades, Patches, Bugfixes, et. al.

Added Student IDs to Data Slicer and Students Table export

Added a row to transcripts showing total transfer & earned credit

Fixed an issue where Safari wouldn't export PDFs

Fixed numerous issues that affected webmail attachments

Numerous tweaks and improvements to calculations in Billing

Improvements to handling of retakes

Improved 1098T exporting

Improved handling of Calendar event naming & editing

Fixed an issue where "percent completed" of application components displayed improperly

Fixed an issue where using email templates replaced addresses in To: fields with blanks or other character

Fixed an issue where forcing courses in Degree Audit reset specializations drop-down

Fixed a grading issue with P/F courss

Fixed an issue where failing grades in past terms were displayed as "--"

Fixed an issue with Prospectives being able to see Tag pages

Fixed a minor CAPS LOCK issue in Calendar event creation

Fixed a column adding/display issue in Data Slicer

Fixed some sorting problems in Term Course table

Fixed some export XLS issues peculiar to IE7 and IE8

Fixed some mailing list export issues

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