February 22, 2011 Release

This is a lower-key release than our last major release. For the most part, it's constituted of improvements to existing features and the usual round of interface tweaks, bugfixes, and the like.


We gave the Degree Audit a once-over...

  • It's now based on Course Instances so it can more accurately reflect the student's academic history. Previously it went off the Catalog Course.
  • Now it includes grades.
  • We clarified the Course Status column so you can better see how exactly a Course is being used in the Audit.
  • If a Course permits retakes to count in earned credits, has been included in more than one Course Group, and the Student has taken and passed it multiple times, you can deploy those different Course Instances among multiple Course Groups.
  • Transfer Courses can now be figured in to your Retake policy; you can specify whether or not a transfer course counts as a retake (just as you can with a regular course).
  • Course Groups now have a "minimum grade requirement" option.
  • Degrees display chronologically (by the pursuing as of date) both in the Degree Audit and the Transcript.
  • Refreshed the look and feel a little bit.

...also, Student ID numbers now display right below the student's name. Everyone with Staff access or better can see them now (including Student Billing and Financial).

The Progress setting in Course Instances is now set to "Visible to Students" by default.

People & Admin

We re-did Relationships...

  • We added several new types, including Teacher/Student, Guardian/Ward, Friend, and plain ol' Relative.
  • You can mark any related person as an Emergency Contact.
  • The Relationships panel now shows pictures!

...and we shunted Facilities off to the Account Bar. Facilities are generally a setup item, and the Account Bar seems like a better place for them. That also helps us prepare Admin for some things we'd like to do with it.

Staff can delete inappropriate student comments on News/Activity Feed.


We changed some layout items on Student > Financial > Dashboard/By Term...

  • Unapplied Credits have been added to the Unapplied Payments panel; now you don't need to hunt down those Credits in order to make use of them!
  • The Invoice Pending and Record Payment functions have been moved to the Action Gear. This cleans up the interface and makes it a little more consistent (and also lets us better use the rest of the screen).

...and a few things about Statements...

  • You can now export an Overall Statement from the Dashboard showing all of the student's outstanding invoices.
  • The By Term Statement is now restricted to financial activity for that Term.
  • They both now feature the student's Address!

...and the Summaries on Student > Financial...

  • Dashboard Amount Due shows totals across all Terms plus anything extra added on the Dashboard.
  • By Term Summary shows Amount Due and breaks out Charges/Credits, Financial Aid, and Applied Payments.
  • Overall, it's now much easier to know at a glance what the student owes your school.

...and some of the Billing Tables...

  • You can export them fancy new Overall Statements en masse from the Unpaid Invoices report in Financial > Billing.
  • The Revenue by Course report has been sunsetted. Different schools had different ideas about how that figure should be calculated, but almost no one used it. Complex table + little value to our users = no good feature.


We upgraded Search so it's a lot faster. You can also search by phone number, email address, SSN, mailing address, and a lot more.

If you get logged out, the Populi login screen now autofills your Username so you need only enter your Password to get back in.

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