March 2, 2011 Release

This update is meant primarily to mitigate the confusion caused by having differing Amounts Due for the same student—given the wrinkles caused by Term-specific charges, Term-agnostic charges, pending Financial Aid, Payment Plans, and so on, it has been a difficult balancing act.

  • We collapsed Pending Charges and Invoiced Charges into one concise panel on Student > Financial > By Term
  • Invoice pages are even more detailed, now showing Pending Aid and a new invoice summary showing everything that affects the Amount Due
  • You can manually apply Pending Financial Aid to invoices before you disburse it; when you do disburse the Aid, it hits invoices according to your selections
  • Pending Aid now factors into the Amount Due shown on Student Financial > Dashboard and By Term\
  • The Unpaid Invoices export now includes a column with Pending Aid for each invoice
  • We added the ability to auto-apply Unapplied Payments & Credits when you issue a new invoice (and a Yes/No setting to enable or disable this behavior)

So now the Amounts Due that you see will be the same numbers your students see when they go to pay with a credit card (oh, yeah, “Pay Now” will now also say “Amount Due” everywhere except when recording a payment).

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