June 8, 2011 Release Notes

This release was comprised of an almost-complete rewrite of Financial Aid:

  • New Financial Aid settings: Classifications and Aid Year Schedules
  • New FA applications: Found on Student Profile > Financial > Financial Aid, the aid applications let your school's FA office and the student access the application itself, upload files, offer awards (and accept or decline them)
  • New batch method of disbursing and refunding FA
  • ISIRs imports let you import the ISIRs text file from U.S. DoE software; it imports basic FAFSA info into the aid application, supplementing and/or updating existing info and giving you the option to match the file with an existing person or create a new Prospect
  • New FA reports: Disbursements By Year, Aid Applications, Academic Progress
  • New standard Aid Types: Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grants and Federal Work Study

Additionally, we released some changes to how we handle and back up files (everything from docs you upload to profile pics).

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