November 9, 2011 Release

Like other recent updates, this one improves Populi's back-end performance and gives some spit-and-polish to the appearance and interface.

Academics now features the tabbed navigation layout.

We broke out Custom Info management among Admin, Academics, and Admissions.

You can now change a student's Programs to inactive.

You can now include custom information on your custom transcripts.

The online application form now lets your prospects choose specific programs in addition to degrees and specializations.

We opened up admissions application information via the API.

Financial Aid now features a built-in, automatic T4A report which lets you export a spreadsheet, PDF copies for your students, or an XML file for the Canada Revenue Agency.

The usual round of bugfixes, server updates, and other little items.

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    Carlos Marin

    What's the benefit if opening up the admissions application info via the API?

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    Brendan O'Donnell


    That lets you use another program to either retrieve or write to your Admissions applications; I believe we started building it in so some schools would be able to do some tracking of how various campaigns on Facebook, etc. resulted in submitted applications. But there are lots of other uses. By exposing this data, we're also hoping for someone to come up with something we hadn't thought of.

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