February 20, 2012 Release

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Contact Organizations

Re-did organizations to include an Activity Feed, Members tab to track members, employees, and students with that contact Org; custom info fields, and images.


Email dropboxing allows you to copy emails sent from any email client to the recipient(s) activity feed(s).

Bounce/spam reports on email addresses in your system that do not accept incoming email from Populi

Personal Settings

New personal settings let you...

  • Select your local timezone
  • Hide your profile from non-staff users
  • Keep your birthday off the News Feed
  • Choose a default Activity Feed visibility setting
  • Generate your email dropbox
  • Manage your email signature


Resource batches and Inventory reporting in the Catalog

Circulation reporting by loan, resource, resource type, home library, and home location

Browse Resources is now exportable


You can now bulk-add tuition schedules from the Data Slicer

Invoice and transaction numbers are now generated sequentially (previously they were generated every-other-number to avoid potential conflicts)

You can now print financial aid award letters

Loosened the financial aid workflow so that you no longer need to package aid before invoicing charges to have the aid auto-apply to those charges

Overaward alerts now exclude declined financial aid

More detailed totals under Profile > Financial Aid > Summary > Total Aid

A new setting lets you select the Term you wish to begin automatically generating pending charges

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