April 1 to April 5, 2013

Features and improvements

Library search improvements, including advanced search functions and MaRC import/export 

Changed how barcodes work in spine label fields: they now fill the entire label field

Added Advisor to student export options (the extra columns you can add to "Export XLS" in, say, the Students Table)

Added anticipated graduation date to the Data Slicer, as well as fixing a display issue with it on the Degrees panel

"Disentangled" the Library Staff and Bookstore roles from the main Staff role

Added four new calls to API:

  • getPendingCharges
  • getPaymentPlans
  • getTermStudents
  • getStudentInfo

Added more specific race information to application print view


Fixed a bug where barcodes were chomping text in Library label fields

Fixed links to new legal docs in welcome email

Fixed a problem where a test could potentially have attempted to save a question after the test was ended

Fixed a server issue that was affecting the "sent" status of SMS messages

Fixed an issue where foreign students were erroneously getting 1098-Ts

Fixed a video encoding issue

Addressed an inconsistency in how was allowing Google users to log in

Fixed an issue where clinical hour-based course groups were not totalling correctly

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