April 8 to April 12, 2013

Features and improvements

Added Unknown and Blank to the "Exit Reason" options in the Data Slicer, as well as a new condition called "Student Role Status", which has options for Active and Inactive.

Resolved a few ambiguities regarding the display of Clinical/Attendance Hours:

  • In Academics > Settings, we changed the setting from "Enable Clinical Hours" to "Enable Attendance Hours"
  • On Course Rosters, we changed the "Att. Hrs." column to "Attnd. Hrs." (if you've enabled Attendance Hours)
  • On transcripts, we changed the "Att. Hrs." column to "Atmp. Hrs.", and "Earn. Hrs." to "Ern. Hrs."


Fixed a bug where if you clicked the "Import Courses" button multiple times, you'd import multiple copies of whatever course(s) you were trying to clone from another term (Yikes!).

When adding Library resources via ISBN, the type was defaulting to newspaper. No longer!

Fixed a bug where Populi would "grayscreen" when you deactivated the Prospect role on a profile.

We'd neglected to include Fall 2012 in the IPEDS Spring Collection. We have now un-neglected that.

Got rid of some duplicate rows on the Enrollment XLS export.

Fixed a bug where late fees on Payment Plans were not generating.

Fixed some issues with deleting Discussions.

Fixed up some problems with 2014 ISIR codes.

Addressed an issue where PDF files were not identified as such and were therefore unusable in Populi.

Fixed an over-anxious security measure that was truncating certain Google Apps requests.

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