April 15 to April 19, 2013

Features and improvements

Populi now has full LTI capability. Here's how it works:

  1. Account admins can set up LTI External Tools in Account > Account Settings > Integrations. LTI tools consist of the Consumer Key and Shared Secret for the external LMS.
  2. Faculty, when adding a link in Course > Info or a Lesson, can link directly to content in the external LMS using the LTI Tool (and thereby not needing to remember the consumer key and secret).
  3. Students can click the links and go straight to the external LMS. In turn, grades from the external system can be passed into Populi via the LTI connection.

Added a section for Program Honors to the custom transcript.


Fixed a bug where course discussions couldn't be cloned unless you were listed as the faculty for that course.

Addressed a hiccuping server that wasn't sending all the Library notifications it should've been.

Fixed a problem with using https links in email.

Fixed an issue where students wouldn't get a Student ID number if their applications was accepted without an Entrance Term.

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