April 22 to April 26, 2013

Features and improvements

Added incomplete courses to the "not completed" view in the Degree Audit.

Added a new faculty visibility option for course evaluations: Available after 60% completion and course is finalized

Added custom Course Delivery Methods to Academic Settings; additionally, you can now use delivery method as a fee rule; WHAT'S MORE, you can include DM in the XLS export of the Courses Table

Updated and performance-tweaked the fields where we let you choose a U.S. State (say, in an address...)

Added transfer GPA to degree requirements

Loan percentages for financial aid loans now let you go to three decimal places


Addressed some edge-cases where Firefox wasn't recognizing PDF files as PDFs...

Fixed a problem where the Students Table displayed incomplete/incorrect information after making numerous changes to a student's academic record

Stomped a bug that produced a blank screen when exporting grade reports from a student profile

Fixed a minor issue that prevented old Billing Contacts from being re-added as users

Fixed the Lesson editor so setting links to open in the same window would work

Fixed a problem with links included in email templates

Squished a bug that wouldn't let you do anything with a manually-created resource batch

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