May 6 to May 10, 2013

Features and improvements

Added a variable to custom transcripts: now you can include course comments in your transcript template (contact us if you'd like to update your template)


If you retired a campus, and then went to a course listed under that campus, Populi would freeze if you tried to change that course's campus. We fixed this!

Fixed a problem with citizenship: it would display blank on the Info tab of a Profile but would show up in the export.

Fixed an issue on the Students Table where standing and degree info wouldn't display if you made certain changes to a student's degree

Fixed a few areas on courses where the faculty's preferred name wasn't displaying

Fixed an issue where adding a disbursement to an award with a loan origination fee would freeze Populi

The Alumni report would only export the first page. We knocked it in the head and now it's behaving.

Changed how Honors are calculated: they now rely on the GPA derived from finalized courses (as opposed to in-progress grades).

Taught financial aid application components their ABC's, and now they order themselves alphabetically.

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