May 13 to May 24, 2013

Oops! Missed a week there...

Features and improvements

Live group chat now in all Populi courses!

In the Data Slicer, we added a term selector option to term-based honors fields; also added degree and program selectors to those respective honors fields.

Added total transfer credits to the Students table and Data Slicer.

Final comments now let you use basic formatting (*bold*, _italic_, etc.).

Removed the Action gear from courses (we had to make room for the chat tab). All the actions are now listed at the top of the screen.

Added a basic attendance breakdown to the Enrollment XLS export.

Added Academic Probation as a discipline type and system tag.


Fixed a bug that wouldn't let you add "Bob & Linda" (for example) as an "other payer" name when recording a payment.

Clinical course group attendance hour totals weren't matching exported transcripts. No longer the case!

Fixed a problem where last day of attendance wasn't displaying.

Ironed out a kink where degree honors wouldn't trigger if that honor wasn't also associated with a program.

Fixed an edge case where failure alerts were emailed to students with a deleted duplicate profile.

Fixed a problem where the ISIR importer was pulling the wrong FISAP number.

Sped up the auto-save feature on course evaluation questions.

Fixed an issue where getCustomFIelds in the API only returned person fields.

Fixed a few problems with embedded audio files in Chat.

Fixed a problem with default tuition schedules for programs not being properly triggered by enrollment events.

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