May 27 to June 7, 2013

The writer took a couple weeks off, thus the hiatus in release notes...

Features and improvements

New option for course instances: Roster Editing. Setting it to "yes" allows the course faculty to have complete, Registrar-level access to his course rosters (letting him manage enrollment, auditors, etc.).

Pass/Fail is now available at the student level.

Tags are now available via the API.

New custom transcript variables that let you include "contra-units".


Closed another loophole that enabled duplicate course abbreviations (which is a major pain in the neck for everyone).

Added an unsubscribe link to Communication Plan emails.

Fixed some discrepancies with enrollment status on the Clearinghouse report.

Fixed an issue with emails displaying on the Activity Feed that were sent to old, out of date email addresses.

Updated lessons to better support HTML5.

Fixed final grade inputs to accept decimals.

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