July 15 to July 19, 2013

Features and improvements

Nothing to report here except an esoteric back-end improvement that will make our programmers' lives a little easier.


Fixed a bug that adversely affected the payments displayed in the Billing > By Term > Summary report.

The Delete Resource button wasn't working. Now it is!

Fine-tuned the handling of Withdrawn students in the Clearinghouse report; it no longer requires an exit date to display those students in the report.

Also fine-tuned the handling of cloning test questions from one course to another. Previously, if you cloned questions from Course A to Course B, and then from Course B to Course C, the B-to-C cloning wouldn't bring over anything that originated in A. We changed that so that every question cloned from Course B—regardless of origin—would land in Course C.

Fixed something that was plumb broken with the email dropboxing feature.

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