August 5 to August 9, 2013

Features and improvements

Added Time Tracking to Course > Reporting: now you can see how much time your students spent on your courses.


New letter variables for Advisor, SAT/ACT Scores, and Majors.

Upgraded the Bookstore Orders report: a new option lets you export order details, giving you a more thorough breakdown of your orders.

Emails sent to students when financial aid is disbursed (at the end of a batch) now display on the Activity Feed.


Fixed a few problems with standings tags being triggered at the wrong times.

Fixed an "As of" date bug in the Aging Report—and changed the "Total Balance" column to "Unpaid Invoices".

We did a poor job of letting you know about Waitlisting from the student Registration tab. We now notify you under "My Courses" whether or not you're on the waiting list for a course you enrolled in.

Fixed some course calendar problems related to outdated stuff on the Google Calendar API.

We added a MARC importer that broke the Common Cartridge importer. We un-broke the CC importer, restoring harmony to the galaxy.

If an invoice had multiple pending aid disbursements and you manually zeroed out one of them, it also zeroed out all the other disbursements attached to that invoice. BUT NO LONGER!

The Deceased system tag is now... deceased.

Fixed some of the schedule stuff to allow weird class meeting times (e.g. 11:28 PM to 3:07 AM).

Fine-tuned the script that autogenerates usernames for students with the same initials (i.e. John Williams and Jack Williams).

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