August 19 to August 23, 2013

No releases to report from last week (August 12 to August 16, 2013)...

Features and improvements

Added the course name, term, and faculty to the Course Evaluation printout (both from the Course > Reporting tab and from Course Evaluations > Reporting).

New resource field for Library resources: Links, which let you link to external websites from the resource page.

Added Counselor to the Prospects Table.


Fine-tuned the Bookstore shopping cart to automatically update sales tax based on the Shipping-to state.

Fixed a bug that affected payments applied to invoices marked uncollectible: if you voided a financial aid payment made to an uncollectible invoice, the payment would remain applied to that invoice. Now if you void such a payment, Populi marks the invoice collectible and simply unapplies the payment from the invoice.

Changed the course Registration tab to show local times for the user looking at the page. So if you have a student on Pacific Time and your meeting times are in Eastern Time, he'll see Pacific Time on the Registration page.

Fixed some duplicate data issues in the Reporting > Analytics > Retention report.

Improved the display of course hours on course instances.

Fixed an error that displayed the student's name in the wrong column in the Profile > Financial > History tab.

Fixed a problem with the API getTermStudents call.

Fixed some issues with Lessons mysteriously duplicating in synced course sections.

For a short while, you couldn't pick an Advisor in the Data Slicer. Back to normal now.

Fixed some issues with prerequisites and student course registration.

Fixed a problem that prevented fees added on Profile > Financial > Dashboard from affecting T2202A forms.

Non-course faculty could see the Chat tab for other courses; but Populi would growl at them if they clicked the tab. No longer!


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