September 9 to September 13, 2013

Features and improvements

Added assignment submission files (from file-type assignments) to the API.

Added Term information to Roster exports (both PDF and XLS).

Upgraded our Google Apps integration to their new API (version 3).


Fixed an issue that was causing course time tracking updates to get dropped.

Addressed a problem that prevented new grade scales from being saved.

We weren't included sales tax refunds in bookstore refunds. Now we do.

Catalog courses now show both credits and hours regardless of the program they're attached to.

Forgot to include the billing city when running credit card payments through Now we're remembering to.

Fixed a problem with links and link lists not re-ordering properly.

Fixed a problem that truncated a financial aid award's amount.

For some reason, we were cloning test dates in courses. 

Changed the "course units by students" setting to read "Course units by student".

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