September 16 to September 20, 2013

Features and improvements

New email bounce notifications: Now if you send an email and it's returned as undeliverable or marked by the recipient as spam, you'll receive an email from Populi Notifications informing you about this.

Receipts are now numbered sequentially.

Updated "Affects GPA" course settings: we now let you decide how various grades in a mixed graded-P/F course will affect student GPA's. Affects GPA has four settings:

  • Passing Grade: Yes/No 
  • Failing Grade: Yes/No
  • P/F Pass: Yes/No
  • P/F Fail: Yes/No


Fixed multiple issues with financial aid awards:

  • The amounts included in aid award letters were truncated so that a $4,000 award printed as $4.00.
  • For awards with origination fees, we were not reducing the net amount of a disbursement if you added disbursements after initially adding the award. So a $1,000 disbursement with a $1 origination fee, for example, would show a net/gross of 1000/1001 instead of 999/1000.

Fixed some time-lag issues with our search.

Fixed an issue where the Analytics > Retention report was not looking at all Fall terms to produce its statistics.

Addressed a tripwire some students were running into when viewing course assignments.

Fixed some issues where reply-to's in email templates were not triggering if that email was included in a Communication Plan.

Development courses now count towards completion.

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