September 23 to September 27, 2013

Features and improvements

Added an "include unfinalized courses" toggle on the Students Table.

Email bounce notifications: now if an email is bounced as undeliverable or because the recipient marked it as spam, you'll receive an email from Populi Notifications alerting you to this.

A new receipt variable lets you include the terms in which a given payment was applied.

Removed the phrase "online college management system" from the welcome email. We have a lot of different types of customers, not all of whom want to be thought of as a "college".


Fixed an admittedly hard-to-find (but nonetheless there) display error in course evaluations.

Tweaked some stuff on the back end so timezones act and display more predictably.

Fixed an issue where discipline tags didn't trigger if the student's start date was in the future.

Fixed an issue where all Financial Aid users were receiving aid-related notifications if the assigned aid counselor had a primary email address set to "private".


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