September 30 to October 4, 2013

Features and improvements

It's nothing any of you can see, but we moved some assets (Javascript and CSS code, as well as other miscellaneous items) to Amazon's Cloudfront. This enables Populi pages to load more quickly than before. So, yeah, maybe you will be able to see it after all.

Changed the display of calendar events in the various dashboards: events scheduled for next week now display with the date as opposed to the day of the week.


Fixed an issue where meeting times added in the course calendar weren't showing in the attendance calendar.

Added a bit of code to "force" Firefox to load Vimeo embeds as https.

Fixed an issue that prevented a course without assignments from properly importing a CSV file into the gradebook.

Fixed an issue with duplicate person matching that failed to find duplicate people with a preferred name.

Fixed some errors that prevented Academics > Reporting > Analytics from loading.

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