November 4 to November 8, 2013

Features and improvements

You can now set a date and time in which to start an online enrollment period.

We lengthened the timed logout to one hour! Now you have an hour before Populi logs you out for inactivity.

Added clinical hours to courses.

Added Attendance Hour requirements to course groups.

Changed a few things on Roster Management in course instances:

  1. Renamed the setting to Enrollment
  2. If permitted, faculty can now only enroll students and change student status

Added books, links, and faculty to the Term > Courses XLS export.

You can now associate campuses with the appropriate timezones. Courses on that campus will be scheduled according to that timezone; schedules will display in a given user's timezone.

Added a custom transcript variable for anticipated degree completion date.

Upped the resolution of photo IDs exported from the students table from 160 x 200 to 297 x 391.


Fixed a bug that prevented people from deleting academic terms.

Fixed a bug that doubled or tripled enrollment numbers on the Courses table.

Smashed a bug that miscounted how many test questions were in a category.

Fixed a grayscreening problem that arose when you'd edit a course abbreviation or description.

Fixed a minor display issue in editing Likert questions on course evaluations.

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