November 25 to December 13, 2013

Missed a couple weeks there...

Features and improvements

We migrated over to some smokin' hot servers. If Populi has felt snappier and more responsive, you have them to thank—as well as Patrick Swanson and James Hill.


Fixed a bug that added the wrong amount to an account when you manually added a fee.

Got rid of an erroneous error message on Degree Audits.

Fixed some bugs on MARC record imports, particularly one that did not send an email when the import was ready to view.

Fixed a bug that dropped student standings if they were not enrolled in the current term.

Updated the reset password URL so it would work with Google Apps accounts.

Fixed some issues with Library labels printing the wrong number of columns.

Fixed a bug that was just ruining everyone's XLS exports.

Added some memory to course evaluations so they load more predictably.

Fixed a bug that caused some library resources to be shown as checked out even though they'd been checked back in.

The Bookstore orders export was timing out. It ain't no longer.

Fixed a bug that prevented certain names from coming up in the CC line in email.

Fixed a sorting bug on the courses table that arranged faculty by first name instead of last name.

Updated some images for 1098-Ts so the exports work better.

Fixed a problem that prevented people from unapplying payments.

Fixed a problem that presented a blank drop-down when importing test questions.


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