January 1 to January 8, 2014

Features and improvements

Allowed greater flexibility in editing application statuses; you can now, for example, switch an application back to In Progress at any time.

You can now edit the term an application is associated with at any time.

Updated the default Leads report filter to include Leads tied to present and future terms.


Optimized the queries behind the new application so it loads waaaay faster.

Fixed some problems in the "percent complete" calculation on applications.

"Days since last activity" calculation had disappeared for many applicants. Consider it re-appeared.

Fixed some issues with z39.50 servers not working.

Fixed multiple problems with exporting Leads.

Fixed a problem with email dropboxing.

Fixed a display issue with Student Info panel on Student Profiles.

Fixed an auto-save issue on applications.

Fixed a bug that included publisher together with Author Last Name on Library labels.

Fixed an error that prevented you from adding new Campuses.

Responding to Inquiries via email wasn't updating the Populi interface. This has been fixed.

Partial credit calculation on put-in-order questions was off. It's on now.

Fixed an error that prevented students from being enrolled in courses on the courses panel on the Student tab.

A server error caused users to be booted out or prevented them from logging in in the first place.

Fixed an issue that prevented previously-uploaded files (i.e., before the Admissions update) from being downloaded.

Fixed errors with the ISIRS importer.

Fixed some bugs that prevented you from adding new courses to the course catalog.

Optimized the processes behind deleting assignments.

Addressed an error that changed grades for transfer courses to F.

Fixed errors that shoved transfer courses onto Unused Courses on Degree Audit.

Changing term date info caused gray-screens. No longer.


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