January 11 to January 17, 2014

Features and improvements

Added attendance dates to the student's view of their course attendance (so they can see what days they were marked tardy, for example).

Added the Student ID to the 1098-T XLS export.

Added some extra sorting on course > Assignments tab.

Term statements now show all credits applied in that term (previously, they only showed credits issued in that term).

You can now attach files to text-type application fields when designing applications.


Fixed a problem that kept people from uploading files.

Fixed some styling problems with Library books.

Addressed some silliness with people being encouraged to switch to the Cuba time zone...

Removed other resources from Library search results when you type in a specific barcode.

Deleted Leads were still showing in the Leads report. No longer.

Fixed a ton of errors in the MARC importer.

Fixed a problem that prevented Gmail users from responding to Inquiry emails.

Fixed a problem that prevented you from re-adding a previously-deleted book in Library.

Addressed an event-duplication problem that arose from Google users switching their timezone.

Added submitted and decision dates to application fields.

You couldn't uncheck how P/F transfer courses affected GPA.

Fixed an input problem in Google Chrome that didn't allow applicants to enter GPAs on applications.

Fixed a problem that prevented Point of Sale in Bookstore from generating an order link after completing the transaction.

Fixed some problems with adding new Communication Plans.

Addressed some problems with students seeing some grades despite having locks on their account.

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