January 27 to January 31, 2014

Features and improvements

Application improvements: 

  • Improved how application fields link to existing info fields (built-in and custom)
  • To import application field to the profile, now you simply accept the fields
  • Import course of study option when you accept an application
  • Applicants can choose what type of phone number (home, business, etc.) on application fields
  • Improved data validation on certain field types (such as SSN...)

Improved admissions notifications:

  • Counselors now get an email whenever they're assigned a new Lead or Application
  • All counselors get an email if there's a new Lead or Application with no counselor assigned via Lead Routing

You can now export the Course Catalog to XLS

The Admissions funnel report now has pagination!


Found an error that duplicated calendar events on courses

Fixed some rounding errors with origination fees for some financial aid awards

Fixed some display errors in communication plan emails.

Fixed some bad math in the admissions alerts for regular Admissions staff

Nipped a display error in Bookstore in the bud

You can now get historic applications in the applications report filter

Fixed a security hole that allowed all faculty to see assignments for any course, even if they were not yet available; this could cause problems if students were TA's in the course

Fixed an error that sent the wrong link in course dashboard comment notification emails


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