February 3 to February 7, 2014

Features and improvements

Nothing this week. But some cool stuff is just around the bend!


Files attached to discipline entries were not displaying anywhere. But now they are displaying. All better!

Also fixed another discipline issue: if the program/degree/course are deleted from a student's profile, it was heretofore impossible to edit that discipline entry later.

Improved the Javascript validation on applications. In English, this means that applications now do a better job of catching improper/incomplete entries in application fields (say, you enter a word in a number field) before you try submitting the application.

Internet Explorer 9, that incredible piece of software, wouldn't let you upload files to courses. We dumbed Populi down a bit so it would work in IE9.

There were two 2014-2015 aid years in the database. We smashed one and let the other live.

Fixed a bug that prevented Yes/No questions on applications from being submitted.

Eliminated leading zeros from custom info integer fields.

Sped up the Admissions > Applications report.

Fixed an issue that bumped you up to the top of the page if you changed an application field status in the dialog box.

Fixed a problem that prevented multiple attachments from being sent in an email.

Got rid of deleted people from the Leads reports.

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